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6th-Oct-2010 09:19 pm(no subject)
Hmmmm I've been hosting a Basara pchat party on the SB community for 3 consecutive weeks. This week, I won't be able to do it, so if anyone wants to host the SB pchat party using the same old room, you're very welcomed to!

8th-Sep-2010 12:19 am - This LJ won't be active at all lol
Oh wow, Sengoku Basara brought me back to LJ. rofl
Now looking back at what I posted in this crap, I get so embarrassed. Terrible art all over the place. ;v; I'm glad to see how much I've improved within the last year.

Hurr, I'll just do a global entry, in case anyone ever finds this LJ and wonder what kind of freak I am.
  • I've been mostly drawing on TegakiE in the past year. Here are my 2 main accs: Mekimek and Rukiruk.
    That is, I haven't been much active due to... school, overall laziness to draw full colored entries and self-consciousness.
  • Actually, I post a lot of random things on Tumblr. Sometimes I'd post random sketches, but most of the time, it's random silliness. lol
  • I haven't been much active on DeviantArt either, though I do check it weekly or even daily. Now looking the my most recent deviations, I can summarize 2010 up until now with: RPing on tegaki, Durarara, Pokemon HeartGold and Sengoku Basara. Wunderbar!
  • I plan on opening commissions one day. I want to participate in the artist alley (at Otakuthon mostly) despite my art being only at this level, but I'd really like to meet people and gain some experience. :)
  • I'm not much of a skilled cosplayer since I'm just a beginner at everything from costume to props, but I do plan on getting better one day. XD
    I also have a coscom acc.
    I've been at Otakuthon and AnimeNorth as Lenalee from DGM, Tokito from SDK, Fran from SDK, Japan from APH, Hana from KR-Den-O and Lyra from Pokemon HGSS in the past 3 years.
  • 2011
  • If things go well, I want to be able to complete Mori Motonari from Sengoku Basara and Dr Irabu from Kuuchuu Buranko/Trapeze. I'll add more details on my Lyra and I'll revamp my Japan, so I can wear it one last time, maybe. I want to add epaulettes and a cape to his default outfit like I've seen in fanarts. :D

If you'll be at these cons, hey, give me a sign! :))

Title: Two old men and tegaki fun-ness
Artist: Yours truly
Characters: Germania, Roma-jii, Japan & asian siblings, Germany, Italy, Romano, Mama Egypt and baby Egypt.
Rating: All G
Warnings: Perhaps not dial up friendly? Also, I butchered Romano and Japan. Soul Eater.
Summary: Last time, there were mamas, now we have papas!
Lego my Legolas )
27th-Feb-2009 10:31 am - [fanart]
Japan >)

Artist: Yours truly.
Character(s): Russia, Vietnam, Mama Greece, Mama Egypt, Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: I butchered my Antonio.

I love the mama-tans too. )
23rd-Feb-2009 12:30 pm - [Fanart]
Artist: Yours truly
Character(s): Vietnam, Greece, Canada, America
Rating: PG13 perhaps?
Warnings: You may get some CanadaxAmerica?

I can't study when I see doodles of Hetalia everywhere. )

North America brothers pictures posted over at </a></b></a>hetanada , aiming to be a collection of  fanworks about Canada-kun. Please do visit it? : ]
12th-Feb-2009 04:51 pm - Swiss valentine? ohoh

Title: Switzerland and friends
Author/Artist: Yours truly
Character(s): Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warnings: Oh Brenerie, where is your home? (Oh, and it's not dial-up friendly)
Summary: 4 comic strips, I suppose, about Switzerland. Doesn't he have awesome friends or something?
Here for Tsundere-kun. )

And I after seeing Squalo!Japan, I was so amazed at his super seme voice that instead of studying, I doodled in my notebook. I finally cleaned it up. x3 My seme!Japan looks like Lelouch though. ;o;
Here for Seme-kun. )
8th-Feb-2009 04:48 pm - Mom! I'm a Varia!
I've been working on my Fran cosplay for quite some time now and I'm finally done with the coat. I got excited and decided to share the pictures. :'D

( What uncute kouhai? )

Other WIP pictures at coscom
8th-Feb-2009 01:02 am - Et laisse la pluie...
After watching Scrubs, I was reminded of how much I loved "Innocent" by Our Lady peace and somehow, while looking for that song in my folders, I also found "Laisse la pluie" by Andrée Watters. I listened to it again and fell in love with it for a second time. For some freak reason, I decided to translate the lyrics from French to English.


The version of the song that I have is different from the one in the video, so the part of the lyrics are different.

11th-Jan-2009 07:47 pm - Axis Power Reborn!
Rainbow Arlequin
I've been addicted to Hetalia, so now, I present you a fabulous crossover. :3 Four doodles in total.

Artist - Mekki, yours truly.
Rating - G
Warnings - Axis Power Hetalia. Well... if you don't know Hetalia, then I guess you can enjoy Squalo in a dress and take the rest as normal fanarts? x3

Save the vital regions! @ KHR )

( Invade the vital regions! @APH )

24th-Dec-2008 02:57 pm - The SHARK and the BEASTS
Title -The SHARK and the BEASTS: Beware of what people say
Author - Mekki, yours truly.
Rating - G? There are a few curses, but nothing offensive.
Warning - I think there's crack?
Summary - Daily life arc featuring the Varia? There are seven things that people said that Squalo will find a hard time to forget.
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